Surfing Umdloti

Umdloti’s surf break can be a little fickle but can also be really good.

Here are the local tips:

  • The less wind the better, unless it is a winter land breeze that which blows offshore.
  • The waves are better during the incoming tides.
  • The main three breaks are
      • South Beach car park – good with a SW swell; we tend to surf more here in winter.
      • The main car car in Umdloti – better with a NE swell; preferable in summer.
      • The north side on the main car park – good beach break in the summer months.

Some good links to check on the surf are:

Windguru for swell size, direction and wind conditions Рclick here for the Umdloti forecast 

For the tides, I prefer using this tide chart for Umdloti Рclick here for the Durban tides. 

This was Umdloti on a big day.